Not What You Expected With Your New Home . . .

Now that you have experience with the well in your new home,

•   Do you find the water supply is not what you expected or has declined?
•   Has your water pressure dropped requiring a “water schedule” for your activities?

If your answer is yes, you only really have two long term solutions:

Dump more money into your existing well or drill a new one OR you can electronically manage the well you have and enjoy the water volume and pressure you would expect from a city water system.  All this for about 1/4 the cost of drilling a new well!  Others have been enjoying the benefits since 1996!

Water Management Solutions offers cost effective solutions for your water
shortage problems. No drilling or large tanks required.

We distribute state of the art, eco-friendly, easy to install, patented, WellManager®  systems and accessories that can be custom designed to provide consistent water volume and pressure to fit any need on almost any existing water well!

Our systems are so innovative they can provide water service for a family of 4 from a well yielding as little as 1/10 gallon per minute.  GUARANTEED!

Whether you’re on a private well, community well or community water system, we can design a system to fit your needs.  As our Holiday Special call today and we’ll provide testing to of your well’s level, draw-down and flow rate for FREE with the purchase of a
WellManager® system. ($249.00 value)

Financing Available and 6 months same as cash for qualified buyers.
Leasing programs can be tailored to fit your needs and budget.

Stop Scheduling Life’s Activities Around Your Water System!

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