For those reluctant to do business over the internet when it comes to a large purchase like a Well Manager: We sell Well Manager systems over the internet every day to people from Alaska to Honduras and ship their systems by truck, boat and even commercial airline on occasion.  There is a leap of faith required but people have seen us on the web for a long time helping folks with poor wells get the water they need.  Every once in a while someone will send us an unsolicited note to express their thanks for our help.  The following is just such an email which, I think, speaks for itself.




Just a quick note of thanks; I picked up my Well Manager on Monday, and with the help of a very precise instruction manual, got it installed on Tuesday. As of this writing, it seems to be everything you said it would be, and more. I'm sure that time will tell the tale, but so far it seems to be the answer.


Thanks for a prompt, professional experience. In today's Internet environment, it helps to maintain a healthy amount of skepticism. In the case of you and the Well Manager, things were exactly as they were advertised-- or even a bit better.


Although this project was for my personal home, I have two rental cabins here in the wilds of Arkansas that may also be candidates for a Well Manager. I look forward to working with you in the future.


Ed Alexander

James, Missouri


We met James in July 2012. He was debating between buying the control system, pump and parts necessary to build his own tank system or buying a complete Well Manager with the features he wanted. In the end he bought a WM210CPV-50LPC Well Manager which gave him consistent pressure in a complete system that required minimal installation. We had not heard from James again until the email below arrived.


Good evening, Andy.


I just wanted to let you know that the Well Manager has been installed and working perfectly for several months now. We are still in a major drought, but have never run out of water, and many people around here have. I may have only 50 or so gallons in the well at any one time, but I've always got the 200 in my garage, and until I installed the WM I had no way of getting water into the house if the well did run out. It still may, one never knows.


My softener / treatment system has screwed up a couple of times since the WM installation and dumped the whole tank instead of the 50 or so gallons that it should have taken for a regeneration cycle. I believe your system saved my well pump, as it would have run the well dry, and there is no flow detector or anything to stop the motor; Pretty scary. I'm an eighth of a mile from, and about 100 feet higher than the well, so I doubt that's an inexpensive motor!


Thank you again for the greater peace of mind that you've helped create.
James in Missouri

Jason Lucia & Trish Klenow: North Carolina


We recently received this testimonial written by a happy Well Manager owner in North Carolina. As you can see they are pleased with the result and with the service provided by Gene Smelik, our Dealer in Raleigh. Gene has been selling Well Managers for about 9 years and in that time has become quite knowledgeable about local geology, wells and the capabilities of our systems. Though Gene’s primary business is water treatment he has found that Well Manager© is a good fit because it allows him to install treatment equipment on well s that normally would not support equipment requiring a backwash. Beyond that, Gene’s years of experience have given him the confidence to deal with wells so poor that most contractors would say there is nothing to be done. If you are in the Raleigh area, Gene Smelik is the man to call if you have a poor well and need more water. You can get Gene on the phone at (919) 772-4488 or by email gsmelik@kineticonc.com


April 14, 2014
Advanced Water Systems of SENC, Inc
146 Annaron Court
Raleigh, NC 27603


We purchased Reid Plumbing’s 210 gallon Well Manager with the dual well upgrade from AWSSENC in 2013. The capabilities of this system were critical in our decision to close on a beautiful 2 acre lot with multiple wells and very poor yield. With a single connection to an 800ft well producing an abysmal 1/10 of gallon per minute and another available 300ft well with about the same, we modeled our consumption with helpful usage templates from Gene for several weeks. Armed with 10 years of personal water usage data, yield reports for the two wells on the property, and consultation from Gene, we made a calculated risk to proceed.


We’re not superstitious, but we’ll concede a little credit to fate for our introduction to Gene. He actually conducted a thorough analysis of the wells for the previous owner and proposed the same Well Manager solution months before we came into the picture. During our due diligence period for the property, we nearly abandoned the purchase until we learned of Andy Reid’s Well Manager systems. Since AWSSENC was the only reseller in the area, the coincidence felt bizarre to say the least when I contacted Gene and he immediately began telling me all about this particular property.


From the very beginning, Gene was an educator for our purchase, for the geology of our land, for every aspect of the installation, its calibration and for months of follow up after the sale. I truly believe he wanted us to understand everything as much as he did. The whole experience epitomized integrity and the love for one’s trade. My only regret is the delay it took me to write this testimonial.


THANK YOU, Gene, AWSSENC, and Reid Plumbing Products for solving a fundamental need!


Sincerely yours, Jason Lucia & Trish Klenow