Philip Stull, Killingworth, CT


Phil first called in September, 2005. He has a 32” diameter hand dug well 15’ deep and was running out of water. He had been on our web site and decided that the SSPB160WS50 Herculan ConstaBoost Static Storage System would be the one he needed but he wanted to think it over and get back to us.


Most people do have to think about a purchase of this magnitude so we simply said; give us a call when you want to order. In July 2007, Phil called and ordered his system.  On September 17, 2007 I received an email with picture which he said I could share with you.



The system is up and running and I could not be more pleased.


I have it set that I only take a gallon every 6 minutes from our pressure system because my well is such a low yield-er, but that still gives me a potential of about 240 gallons a day and we use about half of that with two adults and two horses.


In my area wells are very deep and need multiple attempts to find water, so your system is a real money and worry saver.


Thank you,


Phil Stull, Killingworth, CT


Update: 3/04/2010


Phil turned up on our web site Live Chat today to report that the pump in his system would not run. We determined the reason and told him what to do to get it going again. Phil’s problem was solved and the system was running again in under an hour. This update was added at his request – as he said in the email he sent, he wants people to know;


“….customer service is first rate!”

Dan & Cheryl Howland, Scotts Bluff, Nebraska


The Howlands live on a parcel adjacent to an irrigation canal in Nebraska not far from the Wyoming border. Their original shallow well does best when there is water in the canal and suffers when there is not. A new 70’ well was drilled last summer and tested at 4 to 5 gallons per minute. In some places this would be considered a pretty good well but in a state where wells of this depth with twice that capacity are still considered low yield, it was nothing to brag about and was cause for concern. Dan found us on the internet and, after much study, purchased a Herculan ConstaBoost Static Storage System model SSPB-165WS50. Shortly after the unit was installed we received this picture and an e-mail which included the following comments:


“I have been using this for a week now and it is great. We are running the well, refilling at .75 gallons per minute, and no complaints!


I am going to put our new well on line this spring. It was drilled last summer and was tested at 4-5 gallons per minute. This will make the system really work great. At the .75 gallons per minute from our old well, I worry about it but so far there have been no problems. I am not in a hurry in get our new well on line.


Thanks again for your help and the great service and response to all my questions during the set up and installation phase as well as the purchase and shipping phase.”


Dan Howland
Scottsbluff, NE

Christopher Stone, Quebec, Canada


Background: Chris called in December 2011 as he was getting ready to build a house in an area of Quebec where the odds of getting a good well were poor. Chris reasoned that having a Well Manager would allow him to live on a well of minimal yield and he wouldn’t have to drill an extra few hundred feet just to have some storage. Below is Chris’s account of how it all worked out.


Hi Andy, The Well Manager has been fantastic. When we drilled our well we only got about 2.5 gallons/minute at 400 feet. Since we knew that 2.5 gallons/minute was more than enough for the Well Manager, we didn't have to keep drilling or frack, which would have been expensive options. Also we just put in an ordinary fixed speed pump instead of one of those expensive and finicky variable speed ones. Our driller thought we were crazy because he didn't know how the Well Manager worked. We have been more than happy with the result. The Well Manager keeps us well stocked with water, we never run out, even at Christmas when the house is full of guests and family. A secondary benefit is that the water pressure throughout the house is just like city water. Our plumber remarked at how good our pressure was as he wasn't used to that in our area. We easily run two showers at once, and no one gets the cold shock when someone flushes the toilet during a shower. A tertiary benefit is that when the power goes out for a long time, as sometimes happens where we are, we have water.


I would never put another well in without a Well Manager. You really need to recruit rural plumbers as resellers because most people don't know the benefits of the Well Manager. When people build their rural houses, they contact a plumber, and that is a good time for them to be introduced to the Well Manager.


Cheers, Chris.

For those who are wondering how long a Well Manager might last, the simple answer is we do not know.   The reason we cannot answer the question is that the first systems we built are still out there doing what they were built to do.  The following is an email from a customer who bought a Well Manager on September 26, 2000. Click here to see his original testimonial.


Dear Andy,


Hardly a day goes by that I don't remind myself what a marvel the Well Manager system is. It's hard not to as it sits just inside my basement where I go every day to feed my dogs and cats. The system sits there doing its job day after day. I recently came across the pamphlets for the system as I'm weeding out old files and throwing away a lot of stuff. I've gone to your web site over the years and watched the changes and improvements you've implemented in the newer Well Manager systems; better, longer lasting components, more compact, pumps in the tank and in the water where it absorbs the noise. Several years ago I had a local plumbing company install a Kinetico whole house water softener and a kitchen faucet with a reverse osmosis filtration system.


I've received a few calls over the years from people who saw my system at your web site and then looked me up in the phone book. No one came over to look at the system, but I did give it a great review.


Keep up the great work.


Tommy Thompson
Binghamton, NY