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Well Manager® 210CPH

Well Manager® for 210CPH Consistent Pressure System

Built on a 23 1⁄2”x37”x60” Tank, the WM210CPH packs a large punch behind its small front. As shipped 27”W x 49” H x 63”L (70” Incl. panel)

With frame removed will go through 24” door The Control Panel comes mounted on the tank but can be...
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Well Manager® Crawl Space Applications

Well Manager® for Crawl Space Applications

Overall Size 71.25”L x 37” W x 38”H Amazing Performance From Unbelievably Poor Wells When height is a problem WM210CPLH-50LPC

This packaged unit will fit in spaces lower than anything else on the market and the pump can be removed with the system in place in a...

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Well Manager® for Stop Loss Control

Well Manager® for Stop Loss Control

The OPTIONAL Stop Loss consists of a control box with a status light, a reset button, two weighted floats and a solenoid or motorized valve. The solenoid valve is installed in any water line. The water line may feed toilets, outside faucets, an irrigation system or any...

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Well Manager® Modular Systems

Model Shown: WM160M-50LPC with the optional CPM50100 Consistent Pressure Module When system storage is correctly sized water stays cold and fresh

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