Our Purpose

Our purpose is to enable Gods Great Commission by providing water, food, shelter and medicine to all people. Through Water Management Solutions and our affiliated companies we continue striving toward achieving this purpose.


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Conventional wisdom has said that if your well “goes dry”, you have to drill a new one or try and lower the pump in the well you have. While that may be the only alternative for some, we believe technology over traditional hammer and chisel solutions can offer many a low cost, guaranteed solution to their water issues.

Water Management Solutions, LLC was founded to distribute cost effective solutions to water well owners by using state of the art information collection and analysis tools to develop a guaranteed solution for “dry wells” that are really just very low producing wells, low production water wells and underperforming community water systems.

At Water Management Solutions we believe technology combined with resource management is the solution to drought related water issues around the world. With over 60 years of combined experience in engineering, construction, manufacturing, plumbing, real estate sales and development and water treatment our team has what it takes to design, develop and deploy a water management solution to fit the needs of a new subdivision, a repurposed commercial space, or your single family home.

Water Management Solutions offers the largest selection of off-the-shelf, engineered products designed to get more water from inadequate wells available ANYWHERE.

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